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Highland Gem Farm


Perth Farmers Market Highland Gem Farm Stall


Highland Gem Farm is run by Erin Richan, a first generation farmer renting land at Elphin Gold Organic Farm. Specializing in high-quality, ecologically-grown seasonal produce, organic-grain-fed and pastured pork, focused on extending access to produce in the winter months. Highland Gem serves the local community through their Summer and Winter Community Support Agriculture (CSA) programs from June- Oct and Oct-Feb respectively, as well as the Perth Farmers' Market.

Highland Gem Farm produces high-quality, traditionally-raised farm foods, while maintaining land-farmer-eater integrity using agroecological - soil and community generating - farming practices.

More pastured meats, eggs, and syrup available farm gate, please call or email to inquire!

Highland Gem Farm was established in 2017.



Erin Richan

Products for sale

Ecologically grown fresh produce, pork, natural soaps, dried herbs and teas.

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